Introducing Ourselves

Thank you for visiting! We are Michael and Regina Harris, a 50-ish couple sharing our experiences traveling the United States and the world, emphasizing our interests in History and the Humanities. We hope that our experiences will inspire others to use their travels as opportunities to know and appreciate the history, arts, and cultures of world civilization. We also hope it will be fun and interesting to those who join us as we figure out how to travel well on a reasonable budget and get the most out of every place we visit.

Now a little more about me (Michael). My interests in travel are (1) to experience the places and cultures associated with the foundation of “Western Civilization” – primarily Greek, Roman, and Celtic; (2) expand my knowledge of world cultures using travel as a framework for self-education; and (3) experience as much of this beautiful planet as I can before crossing that Rainbow Bridge into whatever awaits.

It must also be said that I am the “travel geek” in the family, endlessly fascinated with traveling better on the funds I have available, packing even lighter than the last trip, and getting as much good stuff and experiences as cheaply as I possibly can. There are plenty of good places on the World Wide Web to find helpful experts in each of these areas, and I promise many links to follow for advice and opportunities.

Also expect to find information about books, web sites, and people who can give interested and aware travelers the background knowledge to really experience the places and people around them. I want to see the world’s wonders with knowledge and open eyes, even if sometimes I have to view them through the windows of a tour bus. I want to return from every trip wiser than when I left home.

So join us! Next time, Regina will introduce herself and we will start sharing our adventures together.